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You might be familiar with buying a home, but financing rural property can be more complex. MidAtlantic Farm Credit can help you move through the process quickly and easily.

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Rural Home & Acreage Financing FAQ

I want to finance a rural home or property with acreage. What's my first step?

First, know what you’re getting into. Our country living guide can fill you in on what to consider when looking for your perfect rural property.

What types of rates and terms are available for rural home financing?

We offer variable-, fixed-, and adjustable rate loans. We also offer ag-friendly terms, including long-term options, to help meet your specific financing needs.

What if I'm building a new home?

MidAtlantic Farm Credit makes financing new home construction in rural areas simple. With us, you can purchase any size lot before starting construction and use the equity to help finance the home you build. We also offer a one-time closing that saves time, closing costs and the risk of changing interest rates.

What type of payment schedules do you offer for agricultural land financing?

We have options for monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual payment schedules to meet your cash flow expectations. We also offer fully or partially amortized loans, and decreasing, even or accelerated payment schedules.

What do I need to submit an application?

In order to get started with an application, we’ll need tax statements, pay stubs (if applicable) and current financial statements. In some cases, a business plan is good to have but not always necessary. Your loan officer can help you determine more specifically what you need to begin this process.

How long does the loan process take?

Generally, the whole loan process – application to closing – takes approximately 45-60 days. Our local loan experts will work with you through the entire application process to closing – and then through the life of the loan.

What about loan fees?

Our loan products have competitive fees that compare to market prices. More importantly, all of our loans carry zero prepayment penalties, so you can pay off your loan as quickly as you need without paying anything extra.

Our home loans also have many features that the most lenders do not offer like a float down feature if rates go down and a re-amortization feature if you’d like to lump sum money down on your principle balance.

Can any lender finance a rural home or property?

Financing rural homes and properties is different from other financing. Many lenders may have difficulty handling large acreage, farm outbuildings, cropland, easements and other rural features, that could cause unwanted delays in processing your loan. MidAtlantic Farm Credit has over 100 years of expertise in country home and rural financing – we make the process simple because we understand it.

What should I look for in a lender?

Choose a lender who understands your goals, both short and long term. In a cyclical industry like agriculture, you want to be sure that your lender is knowledgeable and experienced in financing agricultural land in both good times and bad.

Rural Home & Acreage Financing Videos

See how Phil & Juanita Russell were able to build their dream home on their dream land:

About MidAtlantic Farm Credit

Who is MidAtlantic Farm Credit?

MidAtlantic Farm Credit is a member-owned agricultural cooperative dedicated to serving the financial needs of farmers and rural residents in Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Owned by more than 11,000 member-stockholders, MidAtlantic has 17 local retail offices that provide a wide range of flexible loan options to fit any operation or property. Learn more about MidAtlantic at

What does MidAtlantic Farm Credit finance?

MidAtlantic Farm Credit can provide financing for farmland, rural acreage, land to build a home and homes in the country, in addition to farm operating loans and equipment loans.

How can I benefit from financing with MidAtlantic Farm Credit?

When you finance with MidAtlantic, you become a member-owner of an agricultural cooperative with over 100 years of experience serving rural communities and agricultural. Depending on your loan product and financial performance, you may be eligible to participate in our patronage program. This program helps us to return profits back to our members, lowering your cost of borrowing. With MidAtlantic, you can trust that you’re dealing with someone who understands your goals and can see your vision for the future.